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What is Earth 2?

Earth two could be a artistic movement conception for a second earth; a metaverse, between virtual and physical reality within which real-world geolocations on a sectional map correspond to user generated digital virtual environments. These environments are often owned , bought, sold, and within the close to future deeply bespoke.

A virtual 1:1 scale version of Earth is inevitable and Earth two is that the starting of this exciting future. part one is currently live and represents the central world body that aims to work out possession of digital assets and property within this artistic movement virtual metaverse of Earth.

Built on top of MapBox technology, Earth 2 has created a geographically coupled digital grid layer that spans across the complete planet permitting individuals to say possession of Virtual Land within the sort of tiles.

It’s Earth 2’s vision that Virtual Land can increase in worth over time supported demand, location and earning potential, abundant constant approach that physical land will, therefore make certain to say your own land in key locations round the world early on!

Earth 2 Inception

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The Earth 2 trading platform, Phase 1, is now live. This trading platform allows people to search, claim, purchase or bid on any piece of Virtual Land around the world! You can also name the land you purchase and the land you own will be saved for you permanently as future phases of Earth 2 roll out.

Land price will fluctuate based on supply, demand, potential and real life trading prices. Virtual Land in Earth 2 is one of the most exciting digital commodities in the world today and the earlier you buy the greater chance you have of making larger profits and returns on property in the short and long term.

Use Referral Code HH5HXC241F to buy NEW LAND! Limited time only so be QUICK! (Not valid for User to User sales)

Make Profit

Buying Virtual Land in Earth 2 can instantly offer you numerous income revenues starting from today and into the future. Most of this potential income is passive meaning your land can work for you without you needing to do anything.

The value of your land will fluctuate as more people purchase and trade land in the same country. In addition to this your land can earn residual income based on future purchases inside that country and you can also earn an additional 5% by using Referral Code HH5HXC241F!

Limited time only so be QUICK! (Not valid for User to User sales)

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