About Us

Who Are We

As one of the leading web design agencies in Wellington, New Zealand we understand that every client has a unique set of requirements that can be in the form of either generating leads, increasing sales or boosting traffic on their virtual storefronts.

Our Mission

Our services are based around helping you grow and increase revenue with real results. Team Kwidel comprises of a group of highly customer-focused, future-oriented creative designers, brand strategists, storytellers, visualizers and developers.

What We Do

Kwidel is a full-service Digital agency based in Wellington, New Zealand. We are professional, experienced and forward thinking, and our great strength is decoding our client’s needs into effective solutions. We integrate marketing and branding with Digital innovations.


Kwidel is a top-of-the-line creative digital company, dedicated to enriching digital experiences by providing innovative and ingenious solutions to small businesses. Every day, we strive to assist you in augmenting your brand’s online visibility, increasing reach & engagement with your target audience, and eventually driving sales.


Our 6-D Process


During the initial phase of a project we conduct meetings, workshops, and webinars with the customer to accurately determine their needs and current situation. We discuss technology and marketing as well as roles and goals. Once we feel comfortable that we completely understand the tasks at hand, we move to define the scope of the project and agreement deliverable.


During this stage we want to establish exactly what it is that you and your company are trying to accomplish. This involves discussing your wants, needs, marketing goals, budget, financial situation, and us becoming familiar with as many aspects of your company as possible. Simply put, the more we know, the more we can help you.


Once you have approved our proposal, our design and development team will initiate the design process. This will focus on the specifications you have provided, the budget you’ve given us, and your business goals.


Once you have approved the final design, we will begin the development and building process. This is the stage where we will be tinkering with various facets of the initial design to ensure that it is not only visually pleasing, but also workable and that it is delivering a great experience to the end user.


Once everything has been designed and developed to the point where you, as the client, are satisfied with it, we will launch the product or service. Deploying the software is the most essential part of the methodology. Now that real people are using it we will be able to get a much more accurate depiction of how your product or service is performing.


The final part of our process is the delivery stage, where the resulting project (brand identity, brochure, website, for example) is finalised, produced, launched and evaluated.

Why Choose Us?

Kwidel Digital, an agency in Wellington, New Zealand helps businesses scale and drive revenue through digital marketing.

We take a custom approach to each and every client campaign to ensure that our strategies meet their unique business goals and objectives.
Want to drive more leads? Great, we’ve got you covered!
Need to increase your online revenue? That’s our bread and butter! Or maybe you simply want to ensure your brand is getting the most visibility as possible online. You guessed it, we can help out there too!

No matter the campaign, our team takes a data-driven and ROI-focused approach to helping you grow your business.